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Trans Line is not an ordinary freight forwarder.
We would prefer to talk about you than to boast about ourselves. We are arranged this way. Our passion is to work together with you to understand the unique goals of your business and create compelling cost-effective solutions that work to achieve these goals. Very often in the conversations of customers about us you can hear that “we care” is the key difference between Trans Line and other forwarders.
Discover the Trans Line difference.
The Trans Line business begins and ends with you – our customers. We do not think of ourselves as your service provider, but the continuation of your business. We build our creative solutions in cooperation with you – and we enjoy it!

Why we are different:

– You have direct access to all members of our management team.
– Data transparency – because it is YOUR data.
– A culture of compliance with business rules. Rules are rules.
– An internal team of IT developers.
– You gain access to all our resources so that you are fully informed about the status your cargo.
– Most importantly, we welcome your opinion and feedback on our work. This is your contribution to our business.
You make us different.

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Multinational forwarders with dozens of offices and hundreds of employees working on their daily ”work” reports will tell you that having their own offices around the world is absolutely essential for proper transportation management. Their offices in all countries will be presented to you as the best way to transport your goods.
A global national freight forwarder who invested heavily in trucks, rolling stock, etc., and incurs colossal expenses for their insurance, interest payments, depreciation charges along with others, will offer you their own trucks and railway platforms as the best transportation option for your cargo. There is one small problem with this. This is completely untrue!

These freight-forwarding monsters do not tell you about one small detail called a hidden conflict of interest.

Unlike monsters in our industry, we will fight for you, and we will serve to expand your business during the most critical, unforeseen attacks on your transportation budget.
Thanks to our 20-year experience of working with a network of professionals in the supply chain, you will gain access to a powerful worldwide network of experts with various specialties that are very motivated to surpass your and our expectations. This allows us to use a flexible transportation model to fully comply with your requirements, and, in particular, government regulations in different countries, combining your needs in domestic and international supply chains.

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  • 1st National Alliance LLC represented by Director General Mikhail Nikolaevich Karpuzov sincerely thanks the staff of “Trans Line” LLC and its general director Igor Aleksandrovich Tolstov for their participation and assistance in our joint work. It was very rewarding to experience efficiency and competent attitude to work by your employees during the whole time of our cooperation.
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    You show an example of high standards of work, qualification and serious attitude to the business, which guarantee mutual trust and prosperity of our companies. We hope for the further successful development of our business relations. We wish you and your company new achievements and financial well-being!

    M.N. Karpuzov, Director General

  • In 2008, our company required sea freight from Vladivostok. We have chosen “Trans Line” LLC out of several offers. And we were not mistaken. Every year we employ services of this freight forwarder on the routes from ports of Vladivostok, Nakhodka to the ports of Chukotka, Kamchatka, and Magadan.
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    In addition to sea freight, “Trans Line” LLC transports our cargo by rail and by road. In addition to undoubtedly competitive prices, TransLine provides a quality cabotage service, which includes a full range of services for transportation and processing of both universal containers and general cargo, motor and tractor and special machinery. An important distinction of Trans Line as a company is a well-coordinated team of true professionals, very attentive to the requirements of clients, always showing responsiveness and efficiency in solving the difficult tasks that we set before them. I can recommend “Trans Line” LLC as a reliable partner, capable of solving complex and important tasks in the interests of customers.

    Deputy Head of Logistics and Supply Department, Eastern Drilling Company LLC, K.G. Barkhatov

  • Letter of Appreciation. Ekatneftestroy LLC expresses its gratitude to the management and employees of LLC “Trans Line” for their service in the delivery of goods. “Trans Line” LLC has established itself as a reliable and responsible partner, the services have been rendered in full and at a high level.
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    Responsibility and professionalism of management and employees of the company worth noting separately as well.

    Deputy Director of "Ekatneftestroy" LLC, E.V. Mandrovitsky

  • Dear Valeria Vladimirovna! The municipal enterprise of housing and communal services of the Bilibino municipal district has been cooperating with the transport company TRANS LINE LLC for many years. During this time reliable partnership relations were established between our companies.
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    The main route for the delivery of our cargo is a rather complex direction, which is located outside the Magadan region, Srednekansky district, but thanks to the qualified employees of the company, our cargo has always been delivered on time in integrity and safety.

    Director of Housing and communal services of Bilibino municipal district, Z.Z. Ganiev

  • Dear Igor Alexandrovich! We are grateful to you and your team for an impeccable and long-term cooperation in the transportation for our mining sites in the Magadan region and the Chukotka Autonomous District of the Russian Federation. We hope for further cooperation with you in sea transport in the Far East of Russia in 2016-2017.
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    V.I. Chechulin, General Director of "Rosgeoperspektiva" LLC

– Carefully evaluate your current transportation practices.
– We cooperate with you to truly understand your goals and objectives.
– At you request we can replace any individual agent if they do not meet your supply chain standards.
– We plan our business and constantly adapt the operation of our support systems especially for you; nothing is set in stone.
– For example, we will place your air cargo with our best air carrier, which has important local knowledge, and arrange for the transport of your dangerous goods with another TL partner who develops their business exclusively in this industry.
– We allocate 20-30% of our annual investment to IT development and technological tools.
– Will come up with creative solutions for you in difficult times.
– We will give you a fair and transparent price.

Why do we work this way?

We appreciate highly professional, complex work. We love the opportunities to make our customers smile. And we like to work with each other!
Are you ready for such cooperation?

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